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Specialists in bathroom furniture, lighting and shower enclosures, Dansani are proud to offer an extensive range of bathroom styles varying from timeless classical, functional vintage and urban minimalism.

The concept behind Dansani's Danish design means the expression of functionality, simplicity and naturalness through a timeless design. This is the starting point of every single product from Dansani - their designers are inspired by classic furniture craftsmanship and unique materials to create beautiful solutions for your bathroom.

At Real Stone & Tile, we are proud to stock a huge range of products to suit every style and budget. Pop into the showroom or contact us on 0161 485 1373 for more info.

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Dansani You

Dansani's promise is ”Create your personal space”. It is a story about opportunities. Dasani sees the bathroom as the most important room in the house. Dasani makes bathrooms for people who are all different and see the bathroom as your personal space, and no one can create this personal sanctuary better than you.

Dansani Mido+

Dansani is a Danish design that is more than just beautiful styling, it is a philosophy that embraces functionality, simplicity, naturalness and an aesthetics-based approach to life. This philosophy is perfectly in line with Dansani's way of thinking.

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