Water and Energy-Smart Brassware

Energy and water conservation are things we may not have thought so consciously about in previous years, but with the increasing climate crisis, our carbon footprints are a growing topic of discussion.

Combine this with soaring living costs, and more and more of us are beginning to consider ways in which we can reduce our energy and water consumption - both to protect the environment, and minimise rapidly increasing bills.

What people don't always know, is that their choice of bathroom fixtures can have a great impact on this.

Vado, a brand we are proud to stock here at Real Stone, Tile & Bathroom, is revolutionising the way we use water with its range of water and energy saving products which have been designed for both environmental and financial benefit. With three collections; H2Eco, Ecoturn, and Atmosphere, Vado aims to create big changes through subtle alterations in the way we use our water.


In the past, you might have chosen to steer away from energy efficient showers and taps, with the worry that your water pressure (and therefore overall showering experience) would be compromised. Well, the good news is that Vado has partnered with industry leaders Neoperl to create a flow regulator which is designed to regulate and control water flow without affecting your pressure.

You can save up to an incredible 75% of water usage with Vado's Origins basin mixer!


Ecoturn aims to limit our unnecessary use of hot water by providing an increased cold-water area on the tap's turn lever. This way, you can make a more conscious decision when you choose to use your hot water, and simple tasks that don't necessitate hot water can be done without firing up your boiler and heating water that you don't need.

Another key benefit of Vado's Ecoturn products is the positive impact on the longevity of your boiler – not engaging your boiler unnecessarily will not only save you money, but also prolong its lifespan.

And the best bit is, you don't need to compromise on quality or style.

Vado is taking steps to help us protect our water supply for years to come, whilst also offering a visually stunning selection of bathroom taps, showers, accessories and fittings so you can still create the bathroom of your dreams.

Vado's Phase Mono Basin Mixer – a sleek and stylish addition to the Ecoturn collection.

Atmosphere Air-Injected Showers

Vado's Atmosphere collection is revolutionary in its ability to provide a high quality, indulgent shower experience whilst also reducing your water consumption by up to 50%.

Utilising clever air-injection technology, the Atmosphere products infuse air and water together which results in not only excellent water saving, but also luxuriously silky water.

Just like the wider range of Vado's eco-friendly products, the Atmosphere collection cuts the cost of energy and utilities, whilst protecting the environment and its resources.

Pictured here is the Atmosphere Round Shower Column – featuring both an overhead, and hand-held shower heads.

If you are interested in exploring our range of eco-friendly bathroom accessories, either pop in and see us on the Stanley Green Trading Estate today or contact us on: 0161 485 1373

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