Stone-Effect Tiles

  • Rope chrome white lux
  • Navona honey vein
  • Nordik Stone_black lapp rett
  • Supreme evo invisible select Lux
  • forward sand rett
  • supreme wide cozy honey
  • Blue Savoy chrome white soft
  • Still Now_ sand

Here we show a few examples of how our stone-effect tiles can make a big first impression. Come and visit us in the showroom and see more from our stone-effect tile range.

Product Brochures
Flaviker Re-Tour

Re_Tour revisits the world of French rustic stone, enhancing its natural variations and the imperfections caused by wear and tear to bring the appeal of a unique and authentic material to contemporary architecture.

Flaviker Navona

Popular since Roman times, travertine was one of the most widely used kinds of marble in ancient buildings and has continued to influence the work of artists and architects through to the modern and contemporary era. The material can easily be recognised from its distinctive surface holes, which need to be filled with cement or resin subsequent to installation.

Flaviker Nordik Stone

The texture of Nordik Stone is inspired by sedimentary rocks such as Belgian stone and shellstones. The presence of subtle contrasting veins, fossils and antique effects enhances its appearance, giving it a rustic-chic look that fits in well with Flaviker’s more characteristic surfaces such as wood, concrete and industrial-inspired metal effects.

Flaviker Supreme Evo

Flaviker is continuing its exploration of the world of marble with Supreme Evo, the new stone surface collection based on a meticulous selection of luxurious and elegant varieties: from the timeless Statuario Superior to the versatile and informal Grey Amani.

Flaviker Supreme Wide

Supreme WIDE recreates the beauty and timeless appeal of the most exclusive varieties of marble in large format porcelain (up to 160x320 cm).

Flaviker Forward

Forward is inspired by various types of stone such as quartzite and multicoloured slate, the essence of which is captured by superimposing multiple photos.

Flaviker Blue Savoy

The Blue Savoy collection re-interprets the solid elegance and dynamic effect of the original stone in a palette of 4 different colours, a sophisticated grey scale ranging from the pales to the most intense tones and embracing colder and slightly warmer shades

Flaviker Still Now

Elegant and minimalist, Still No_w is a stone-effect surface available in the new WIDE sizes up to 160x320 cm and ideal for all applications in the world of design and contemporary architecture, from residential projects through to large-scale works in public and commercial spaces.

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