All About the Shine: the Mosaic Glass Tile Trend

When it comes to injecting a little sparkle into your home, glass is an unbeatable material. It adds shape and interest without cluttering the space, and helps to reflect and bounce light in dark area...
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Pairing Tiles with Pantone Spring 2016 Top Colours

Colour is a force that can unite a home, or make it look drab and dreary. And while your home will last a lifetime, its décor will inevitably evolve. Keeping abreast of trends in interior design means...
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The rise of Large Format Tiles

By: Ellie | Posted: March 22, 2016 in Blog

We regularly meet customers looking to make small rooms within the home appear bigger, when we suggest large format tiles as an option they often think that it would make the room seem smaller, howeve...
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Create an opulent space with metallic tiles

By: Ellie | Posted: March 15, 2016 in Blog

Metallic tiles are a must for those wanting to create a luxurious space within the home. From eye-catching yellow gold to gentle hints of silver, people needn't be cautious of finish as it can really...
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Bring the Holiday to your Home

Although being able to holiday abroad once more is a freedom that many of us are truly relishing in, 2022 has also seen many of us turning to our homes for an inward adventure with the rise of the 'st...

Create Your Own Spa-Inspired Bathrom

Nothing beats the luxury and tranquillity of winding down in a spa, so why not bring that feeling home? With our extensive range of tiles and bathroom fixtures and fittings, it's entirely possible to...

Bringing the Outdoors In

The idea of bringing the outdoors in is a timeless method in interior design, and firmly remains a popular trend this year – but is there a reason so many of us are drawn to interiors that mimic our n...